Latest Demo Reel – 2017

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If you are looking for an MC / Emcee for your event then you’ve got one of the best right here. We keep everyone entertained, the energy high and the dance floor full. We engage with your guests and get them interested and involved in the party. Something we know how to do very well. We make Introductions, communicate with you the DJ and the catering staff to make sure that everyone is in sync. We play a few party games depending on the style of event and kind of atmosphere that you want to generate. Our pure goal is to make sure the event is one to remember. We also travel to multiple cities. You can call us at 647-376-5191 or email us at

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  1. David says: Reply

    love the demo and I look forward to seeing you in action

    1. Kylia says: Reply

      I don't know if you read all your comments, probably not because you have so many fans & I always comment but never got respons – doesn't matter though, because you are the best. I just wanted to say you are the FIRST style blog I was obsessed about, EVER. I know your blog since the very beginning and I've seen your style develop, but I never stopped liking your outfits. Just keep up the good posts in 2017, merry Xmas & everything. YOU ARE AN INRIASITPON!

  2. I like your style, I also like that you are affordable. I look forward to seeing you at work because it’s a beautiful thing

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